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More transparency within production...

How does TransGraph improve
the production processes?

  • Permanent transparencyof all production data
  • List of all associated samples (traffic lights)
  • Permanent article-related minimum inventory control by e-mail including range determination
  • Automatic, manual recording of posting sets
  • Control/Releasebased on the four-eyes principle
  • Variety-specific management of inventories (materials management) and recipes
  • Assignment of documentsfrom document management, e.g. work instructions
  • Data transfer to a BI-software (big data), e.g. Power-BI from Microsoft
  • Costs are saved and risksare minimized, added value is increased
These functions help you to record and evaluate the quality parameters of production. Additional you have an overview of your inventories as well as the entire sampling of a production area.
Step by Step

3 steps to a successful launch

The Basics:
Are you a technical controller and want to evaluate the production data individually?

Then you are just right here!

The production data can be processed individually and evaluated directly via Excel or in a BI (business intelligence) system.

Do you want to receive all the data of a production process?

This is the destination of the production administration!

For us, completeness means that the production process includes all operating and quality data including laboratory samples, external documents (e.g. declaration of conformity) as well as upstream and downstream production processes.

You want to carry out production or batch planning and need your inventories of raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials?

This is our materials management including tank management!

Due to the integrated materials management, you can individually map the accounts of the raw materials, auxiliaries and operating materials as well as the tank inventories of your company in the system. Due to a minimum inventory check, the inventory track isn’t lost.

Graphical representation e.g. of a production report

Create complex graphics easily and quickly with the configurable graphics tool

This graphic represents complex requirements because several measurement rows with different X-axis regions have to be displayed. Furthermore, color and type can be selected per series of measurements. The process area on the Y-axis section and the comments shown in the graphic make the report clear.