TransGraph & modules & document management

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The categorization of documents...

How does TransGraph improve document management?

  • Central management of all documents within the database
  • Every format of the original documents can be used e.g. Word,- Excel,- Acrobat Reader,- oder PowerPoint- files.
  • Categorization of the documents more than 4 ranges (business sector, special sector, usage, cost centre)
  • Shortcut of the documents with existing record of the database, e.g.
    • analysis instruction
    • Generating a document key
    • Management of individual revisions
    • Optional generation of a PDF-document
  • Shortcut to other external documents
Independently of the creation software, you can manage your revision-proof documents and make them available e.g. to production according to the article.
Step by Step

3 steps to a successful launch

The Basics:
You want to work without paper?

No problem at all!

With the integrated document management you provide users with the required documents as PDF revision-proof.

Are you faced with the task of certifying your company?

With our software TransGraph there gets nothing in the way of it!

With the integrated batch tracing and with document management you recieve on the part of the auditors.

Integrate an external Word document into production

Input-layout of a document

In this picture an external Word document ist categorized in TransGraph (production/ filtration/ instruction/ 1000), therefore creating revision „1“ and automatically the document key „1-001-001-001-2“. Furthermore, the document was linked to a filtration report. In addition, other external documents can be read in.