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More control for your maintenance

How does TransGraph improve attendance and maintenance?

  • Clear representation of your maintenance infrastructure by categorizing your company in object form
  • Create all future measures quickly and easily in our attendance planner
  • Never forget a task, due to our TransGraph-calendar with a reminder function.
  • Cross-module communication makes maintenance measures visible in all departments and processes
  • Mobile working due to the TransGraph APP
  • Due to the materials management at all times have the necessary parts in stock
  • Generate detailed analyses and evaluation
With "TransGraph attendance and maintenance" more transparency, faster operation, easier working.
Maintenance has never been so easy!
Step by Step

3 steps to a successful launch

The Basics

Map your company in object form and categorize these objects

  • Objects: machinery, spare parts, items in need of maintenance
  • Categorization: Company/Department/Machine/Part

Link the objects to each other. This ensures that, for example, identical spare parts can be assigned to different objects and that the stock quantities can be controlled.


The categorization produces an object key e.g. „01-001-001-023-1234“ and could be printed as a „QR code“ and attached to the object. A scan provides you with all saved information about your object.

You want to know at all times when and where a attendance measure took place?

Then you are just right here!

Regardless of whether you are in a sampleor in a production report, you can view all relevant attendance measures with just one click. In this way, errors during assembly can be identified immediately and downtimes can be avoided.

Do you want to plan and organize your actions far into the future?

Due to this module, this is no problem!

Due to our planner and calendar you can plan your maintenance years in the future, due to the reminder function of the calendar no more appointment will be forgotten. This means that the required employees and materials are always available when you need them.

You need a complete overview, from the small screw to the entire filling line?

Couldn't be simpler!

The hierarchical structure allows you to map the entire operation, even the associated spare parts can be connected easily and quickly. Put order in the information-jungle.

Full control over your maintenance

Full control over your maintenance

Use TransGraph to make your maintenance and repair work even more transparent, plannable and efficient.